【Removal and Delivery Service】

The price quotes are also available in English.
Corresponding areas will be Chiba and Tokyo.
We are able to submit your price quote through e-mails.
-Current resident address and new resident address
-The date you would like to move
(Please inform us if you have any time that you cannot manage or 
if you have a specific time that you prefer)
*The plan in which we inform you on the previous day
 the time of our arrival will be the cheapest.
1. 8am-12pm 2.11am-3pm 3.3pm-7pm
Our vehicle will arrive at your address in either of these times above.
-The number of floors and whether it has an elevator.
 (both your current resident and new resident)
-Detail of your goods
 Whether there are goods from IKEA.
Please send an e-mail with the information above.
We would be very pleased to receive photos of your household goods
 if it is possible.
If it is difficult to explain your circumstance through e-mail,
 for example when you have too many goods to move or you are not moving
 on your own, our staffs who can speak English will be able to visit your resident
 and make a price quote.
 *We might not be able to cater this service depending on the date.